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March 10 2017


Family Lies; The ties binding

Dr. John bradshav has written several books on family and loved ones, but most of this book is about family secrets. Family secrets can destroy you. It does not matter where they took place, and eventually they will come back to slap you.

For example, the story of a young mother whose son died because of snake bites http://jualkopihijau.net in 1940 Savannah, GA. The girls (we call her Ellen) put the baby down for a nap in the morning in the wood playpen that live in the middle of the kitchen floor of her residential projects and new serviseman husband is released directly Inside. The kids are not very old; Maybe in six weeks. She pulled the dress under the sink in the kitchen to get the speakers and Span to clean linoleum floor and saw a big black water mokkasin. Snake curls up and seemed ready to hit and run out the door the woman asked her neighbors for help. Although they will return quickly, the snake had crawled into the playpen and baby bites. The baby died; The woman became depressed that she was hospitalized. The man called the girl's mother and she came by bus the next night; Also bring the girl's sister. They are waiting to bury the child and wait for the girl to get out of the hospital. The mother admonished son never talked about what was done. The secret name but not the first or the last person in the family.

Across town a trip he participated in the launch of the island between Savannah and Beaufort. Upon arrival, he was greeted by some oysters Gullah people working in his factory on the island. He checked out of the process and the oysters and pray that a bushel of oysters placed in his boat for the family barbecue oysters. Then he entered the small village where most of the workers live. He stopped at the home of one of his best collections knocking and blue. A young girl with a Gullah opening three-year-old child in his arms. The children, whites, holding his arms out and took his grandfather. He told the young woman that he would bring it back the next day, or that his father had done. He returned to the dock at his home and he and Savannah she walked up to http://www.food.com/recipe the house to prepare for the Low Country oyster ancient baked good. He was very proud of his son could spend time with his daughter without having to deal with his former daughter in law. difficulties his son with the women in his life to have a family and it really seems like something that would never happen to him.

do these two stories have in common? Many, in fact, but it will be more than 40 years before the story began to appear and start to reveal the secret. When Pandora's box contained the secrets first opened, there were more questions than answers lie. There are people who know the answers ready to say what they know. They south; family secrets and lies in the sacred family has been told many times.

Located in a family as it has its own life. People often disagree understanding of confidentiality and not after ostrasized within families. Years can pass and, unless proof can be found and submitted on paper, no one will own up to for details. They have pledged to never reveal the secrets they keep it. Most people affected by the promises are concerned is to keep secrets or tell.

In the second year, it is common for those who are keeping the secrets to forget that they are lying. The lie becomes the truth tellers and all those who keep secrets. For the first child who died after 6 months due to being bitten by a snake, the two stories are coming apart. The mother took me and put her down for a nap. The mother saw a snake in the kitchen and the snake was killed. The secret that the child was dead, never talk to anyone. It never happened.

In the case of the people who live in a small island off the Georgia sea border / South Carolina, his existence becomes a mystery. The kids just disappeared into the fog often passed the island in the early autumn morning. After many years have passed, no one remembered a small white face often appears among the few children playing in the sand on the beach Gullah. It's almost become a myth that such children exist in the family of man oysters. Only families who take care of you remember their existence and they have sworn to secrecy. The child's mother has returned to his teenage life in South Carolina. No one knew that she was married and had children at the age of 14 and live in a carefree life g.i.s early days come out to fight in the war. By the time she was at the age of 70 from leukemia, she had lived a long life without her son and almost forgot she even alive.

The man in the story was the same two people. He had two children of different laces, but before he could even learn to talk. It is remarryed still seeing her former lover. What is considered to be a secret, too. his decision, after months of current treatment for his wife, is to bring your child with his first wife in his current home in the hope of having a child come to love his wife her out of his terrible depression. At first, it gives the kids just a few days a week and leaves you the father of the season remaining. One day, his wife has stopped calling her gin and began to call her Dianne. This is the name of another child. His wife looks much better. Weeks, months, years pass and his wife seemed to be improving. She decided to leave the town and return to Savannah where she first met; his hometown. He consulted her mother and father and they are encouraged to bring their families back. They arranged for the couple and their children moved into the house next door, owned by the grandfather of his wife (who also lived on the other side to the house). They believe that good woman and will have a normal life as long as no one knows this is not the last born in the same city. Nobody talks about the death of her first child. The lie becomes the truth and the child; Now we call you Dianne, grew up in a small southern town and do not know anything about what happened until her parents died when she was 22 years old. It will take you over 30 years to tackle the twists and turns of the story.

March 06 2017


Baby Shower Recipes Food Ideas For Your Shower

Baby Shower Food

March 05 2017


Sections 117 and choline Endometryosis -endometryosis

As we mentioned in previous articles, endometryosis planted in a place other than the endometrium also respond to hormonal signals of the monthly menstrual cycle by building up tissue, cut it, and removed through the menstrual cycle. As we know, massage play a very important role in many cultures in treating all kinds of diseases. In this article, we will discuss how choline helps treat endometryosis.

The definition also

Choline is a water soluble vitamin and vitamin B complex group. It was discovered by Andreas Strecker in 1864. It is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of heart disease and liver Choline deficiency.

II. Like choline help treat endometryosis

1. Strengthen the immune system

Lack of choline causes fat to be deposited in the liver and reduced liver function abnormalities against endometrial implants and adhesion formation elsewhere in the body, causing inflammation.

2. To reduce the risk of heart disease

Women with endometryosis been found to have low levels of choline in their menstrual cycle. There is still a lack of cases is unknown. Choline interacts with other members of the vitamin B complex to help a family in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism need to provide energy and nutrients for our body. It also helps to enhance the liver to produce bile, which helps reduce bad cholesterol levels leads to reduced risk of heart disease.

3. To enhance the function of the nervous system

As Colin is needed to produce the neurotransmitter asetiltsholine chemical precursors, it will help improve congestion different systems in the brain that lead to improved functioning of the nervous system resulting in symptoms such as dementia at endometryosis, poor concentration, anxiety, and mood swings.

4. Hormone Balancing

Lack of choline caused liver abnormalities characteristic. Since the liver plays an important role in the metabolism of Pottier acid, choline deficiency impairs liver function leads to excess estrogen is produced during the menstrual cycle leading to hormonal imbalance and internal cramps endometrium.
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